Experience showroom room food store / supermarket

Experience showroom fresh food

See what light can do for fruit, vegetables, fish, meat, bread or cheese. But also convenience food and non-food are represented in the experience showroom.

Experience Showroom Horeca

Experience showroom hospitality

Does light only take care of the atmosphere in your restaurant or bar? Come over and discover it.

Experience showroom

See the light, feel the light, experience the light.

With the experience showroom you receive a demonstration on how light has a positive influence on the strength and experience of an interior. You can compare different colour temperatures, mood lighting, accent lighting, illumination, atmospheres etc. By seeing, feeling and experiencing the light, you can make an informed lighting choice.

Short demonstration of the mood setting in the meeting room

Learn more about light in meeting rooms. What can light do for you?

Custom demonstrations in the showroom

It’s possible to bring your own products and to do a custom made demonstration.

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Product showroom

The name speaks for itself: a showroom with all the lighting products of Lunoo.

Come over and who knows, maybe you will see a sneak preview of upcoming products.

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