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Light planning

We provide light calculations and light plans for the architect, electrician or project manager of the construction project. Based on the building, the interior, the budget and specific wishes, the light architects make a light study and draw up a customised plan.

To achieve a perfect project together, we strongly believe in:



A different colour, a different material, a specific lighting solution? Every lighting proposal is tailored to the project. The standard products do not offer an answer. Then we look for other ways. Via an adaptation to an existing product or a completely new development.


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It's made in Belgium


In the rapidly evolving lighting technologies, the R&D people immerse themselves in the latest innovations to meet the light requirements of the customer.

In the design, the R&D department takes into account the optical as well as the thermal design. We consider high-performance light sources and high-quality fixtures that meet the standards to be of paramount importance. To be sure of this, we carry out various thermal tests, light tests and electrical tests.

The design itself must form a perfect match between aesthetics and functionality. The end customer wants a perfect light image and a beautiful product, but the electrician for whom ease of installation prevails.


The assembly of the lighting devices is carried out in Belgium. Our employees are trained to deliver everything perfectly, to check and test the fixtures. The necessary test equipment is available at every assembly site.

When we do not have our own efficient solution, we rely on carefully selected partners. Preferably also in Belgium or Europe.



Our lighting consultants are happy to take you on a discovery in our experience showroom and product showroom.

See the light, feel the light, experience the light

In the experience showroom you will be immersed in the possibilities of light. You can compare different light colours and beams, see the effects of light and experience them in real-life settings, … Come to the fashion store, the office and meeting room, the café / restaurant, the supermarket, the food store or the furniture shop.

Do you want to know the effect on your own products? That’s possible! Bring your own products and we will make a customised installation for your products. That way you can be sure that you are making the right choice!

Product showroom

Doubting the designs? In the product showroom we present every fixture in our range. And who knows, you might be lucky and get a sneak preview of upcoming products.

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